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I'm done with college, it's finally over

2009-10-19 12:40:28 by MelchizedekRatio

My dissertation was approved and I'm due to receive my PhD in business math at the end of the year. You're all listening to music by DOCTOR Zedek now. All those years have finally paid off, studying beats and electronics with a minor in chronic. That's A Minor in chronic lol. Anyway, fuuuck it's great to be out. Now I can focus more on music and starting my record label: Al-Muzektron. Any of you need a contract, send a PM with a link to your BEST work. I'm not kidding folks, it's a tough business and I can't listen to every shitty song out there. You've got to be AT LEAST as good as I am, so there are only a very very select few of you I want to hear from or I'll just have to laugh away the frustration being projected on me by terrible musicians.


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2009-10-19 15:50:04

Congratulations on such an achievement. Make the world proud or something.

Enjoy life.