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Interview with zedek

2009-10-21 17:06:23 by MelchizedekRatio

A lot of users have been clamoring for me to post this so here I go -- doin it for the fans

Where are you from? Cranburry new jersey

What are your hobbies? Well I've been making music in various bands and solo operation for about 6 years now. I've played the violin since age 7. I also like playing soccer and cricket

Where do you derive your creativity from? Nowhere. I'm original. But I do appreciate the boost I get from vampire acid cocaine (street mix of E coke and acid)

Do you admire any musicians? Not really. That's why I got into music to make what I've been missng all hear years while playing lesser works in school


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2009-10-23 22:49:34

I have another question

who made your shitty banner.

MelchizedekRatio responds:

Abusive review. Enjoy your ban.


2009-10-31 23:35:04

Try to make a new song!