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Best game ever?

2010-10-08 00:59:29 by MelchizedekRatio

About a week ago, I received a message from a user named intoscreen regarding a game he had in progress. He asked if he could feature some Melchizedek Ratio songs in it, and I consented. He claims this is one of his first projects, but I highly doubt that. What he made in the week since I signed the songs (performed by Kinkade and Alister) over to him is remarkable. I highly recommend you play his game and encourage him in future endeavors.

some changes

2010-07-25 17:04:41 by MelchizedekRatio

Hey newgies it's DA here letting you know I'll be in charge of this page from now on. Kinkade had to lave on some hitchhiking bullshit and asked me to post the songs we're working on. not sure if we're gonna change the name yet... but the name will be posted once we decide.


craving out my cat

2009-11-06 18:59:52 by MelchizedekRatio

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Interview with zedek

2009-10-21 17:06:23 by MelchizedekRatio

A lot of users have been clamoring for me to post this so here I go -- doin it for the fans

Where are you from? Cranburry new jersey

What are your hobbies? Well I've been making music in various bands and solo operation for about 6 years now. I've played the violin since age 7. I also like playing soccer and cricket

Where do you derive your creativity from? Nowhere. I'm original. But I do appreciate the boost I get from vampire acid cocaine (street mix of E coke and acid)

Do you admire any musicians? Not really. That's why I got into music to make what I've been missng all hear years while playing lesser works in school

My dissertation was approved and I'm due to receive my PhD in business math at the end of the year. You're all listening to music by DOCTOR Zedek now. All those years have finally paid off, studying beats and electronics with a minor in chronic. That's A Minor in chronic lol. Anyway, fuuuck it's great to be out. Now I can focus more on music and starting my record label: Al-Muzektron. Any of you need a contract, send a PM with a link to your BEST work. I'm not kidding folks, it's a tough business and I can't listen to every shitty song out there. You've got to be AT LEAST as good as I am, so there are only a very very select few of you I want to hear from or I'll just have to laugh away the frustration being projected on me by terrible musicians.

I've elucidated many unique sounds and brilliant melodies which other composers have naught but approximated into a hazy fog of penultimate and, in the end, mediocre works. Feel free to peruse my repertoire thus far as you climb the denouement I'm leading you on to my magnum opus de resistance.

Good day,

2009-10-01 22:24:29 by MelchizedekRatio

I had a breakthrough at the studio today. You are all very lucky as I am about to post some truly new sounds.

Hello all.

2009-09-01 03:33:28 by MelchizedekRatio

I am here.